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Why Prestige Medical Billing?

We know the rules.

Insurance regulations are constantly changing, and every insurance company has its own set of procedures for filing for reimbursement. Our team keeps up to date on rules and regulations, including the latest ICD-10 codes, so that our filings are accurate and compliant.

We have the technology to file quickly and accurately.

You are committed to using the latest information and technology in service to your patients. We are similarly committed to using the latest information and technology to file claims, pursue reimbursement, and maximize collections.

We produce results.

We spend our time and energy on your behalf, pursuing patient data, filing claims, and following up with insurance companies and individuals who owe you reimbursement. As an extension of your practice, we take our success seriously and persist until you have received what is due to you.

We know how to treat people.

Collecting money that is due to you requires knowledge of the rules and procedures for filing claims and making good on delinquent payments. It also requires finesse in working with those who rightly owe you money. Our team is more than tech-savvy; we understand how to work with people in a way that is respectful as well as persistent.

We make life easier for you and your staff.

Our team works with your staff to maximize their efficiency in getting the information they need in an appropriate format so that your office works seamlessly and you are paid in a timely manner. We can pre-qualify patients up front to reduce hassles for your staff. We give your team the tools they need for accurate reporting so that their time can be better spent using the skills for which you hired them.

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Your Advocate for Maximum Reimbursement

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