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Prestige Billing and Medical Collections is a full-service agency designed to maximize your revenue with minimal stress on you and your staff as you care for patients in a behavioral health, physicians group or hospital setting.

Benefit Verification and Eligibility

Verification specialists are focused on making the admissions process easier by providing:

  • Information on patient responsibilities, pre-certification, policy exclusions and payment estimates.
  • Admission staff benefits training to help facilitate better admission choices.
  • 1-hour benefit turnaround
  • Redundant benefit verification process for accuracy
  • Benefit documentation for reference
  • Benefit verification system that permits easy re-admission
  • Negotiations and ongoing agreements

Negotiations & Agreements

Negotiations on behalf of the facility for the highest rate of reimbursement for all claims assuring minimal out of pocket patient expenses for out of network services. Setting up terms for ongoing agreements between your facility and payors to lock in those high rates without contracting agreements.

Staff Training

To help ensure efficiency and proficiency, Prestige will provide:

    • Staff training on the processes spanning an insurance patient’s admission and discharge.
    • Detailed training on insurance verification to assure a complete understanding of benefits.
    • Assistance from Prestige’s clinical team to help your clinical staff stay current and in compliance with Utilization Criteria for each payor.

Insurance Forms and Registrations 

Provide customized insurance forms to bill insurance carriers on behalf of your patients.For efficiency in processing insurance claims, Prestige will:

  • Register your facility with key carriers to facilitate receiving insurance reimbursement without delay.
  • Register your facility to receive a national Provider Identifier as required by all payors.
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