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About Us

Prestige Medical Billing and Collections is a firm committed to revenue management and enhancement for behavioral health facilities, medical practices, and hospital groups.

The size of our firm gives us the expanse of knowledge and technical capacity required to meet the demands of the complicated, ever-changing insurance landscape while assuring the personal service to each client that is our hallmark.

Our Story

Prestige Medical Billing and Collections is not just a firm. It’s MY firm.

I’m Dexter Head, and I put my reputation on the line to be the best partner and advocate you can find in the billing and collections field.

Early in my career, I was given the opportunity of a lifetime. A family member offered me the financial backing to launch my dream, a medical billing and collections agency that would embody the traits that define me: professionalism, integrity, customer service, the embrace of the newest technology, and a deep commitment to patients and caregivers within the health care system.

My skills are not those of a physician, psychiatrist, psychologist or nurse. I respect individuals with those skills, however, and I am enthusiastic about using my own skills to support their work.

I understand the importance of maximizing revenue within a medical practice so that quality care can be given. That’s my strong point---making sure that your practice is appropriately paid for the work you do so that you can continue to help others.

When clients call to tell me that they can make payroll because of the prompt reimbursements we have secured for them or that they are able to expand their practice because of sound financial management including a consistent revenue stream, I know that I made the right decision to start Prestige Medical Billing and Collections.


Dexter & Anna Head


Our Mission

At Prestige Medical Billing and Collections, we strive to become the leader in revenue cycle management for behavioral health facilities, medical practices and hospital groups.

We achieve this goal through a premium customer service model and a consistent track record for increasing client revenue. By becoming an advocate for a treatment center’s maximum reimbursement and using a unique approach combined with new technology, Prestige Medical Billing and Collections has the ability to positively change the way healthcare facilities grow their revenue over time.


Our Philosophy

As a financial solutions company with tailored revenue cycle management services for physicians and medical services firms, a company that is in turn subject to stringent record-keeping requirements, we hold ourselves to the following standards of business:

Providing excellent service to our clients is our top priority.
We are unwavering in transparency, honesty, and integrity in our partnership relationships with our clients.
Listening to our clients and understanding their method of practice is always paramount to our success and theirs.
We perform our duties diligently and in a timely manner.
We align our interests with our partners’ operational and growth goals, through an initial billing analysis and audit.
Every client is important: a solo practitioner or a large group multispecialty practice.
At all times we follow regulations and proven billing methodologies to maximize your collections.
We consider our relationship with clients as a partnership and take the custodial responsibility of our clients’ accounts receivable seriously.

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Your Advocate for Maximum Reimbursement

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